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    "Holy Cow!  Now that's what I call an extensive site!"   --texas a&m fan

    "I love it.  there's such a wealth of information that I'm sure I will be visiting often."  --penn state fan

    "I checked out your site... one word:  awesome.  It will become my source for college football websites."  --south carolina fan

    "It's quick and fast - I definitely like that!"   --packers fan

    "I checked out the site and it is very cool.  This whole concept is awesome, easy and should bring a lot of success."  --wisconsin fan

    "I've got to tell you, your site is sensational!  It is better than any search engine for football sites and you should get a tremendous response.  I've been on it at least once a day since you e-mailed me about the link and I find it a tremendous source."  --draft fan   

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     Great Opportunity! - Presently seeking a self-motivated sports fan familiar with Microsoft Frontpage to assist with web site development and marketing including updating links, adding new sites, and cultivating contacts for marketing purposes.  Flexible part time schedule, $8/hour.  Please contact




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