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Thank you for visiting the advertising page. is the web's premier independent sports directory.  The demographic is the most sought after category by advertisers, affluent males ages 18-34.  The typical user of the site is an avid user and a passionate sports fan.  Because the sites are divided into America's four most popular sports categories, namely, football, basketball, baseball and hockey, we offer you the opportunity to run extremely targeted advertising.  Most importantly, the limited use of graphics on the sites allows your creative to stand out and thus provides an elevated ROI.

        We are willing to create tailored advertising packages to suit your specific preferences.  We offer campaigns comprised of standard banner ads and featured text links only, and to maintain site integrity, the following ads are not offered: gambling, alcohol, tobacco, pop ups, and pop unders.  We also utilize the latest version of Central Ad so you will be able to track the progress of your campaign with your own user name and password.  To get started in creating a campaign that is right for you, please contact us with information regarding your campaign's budget and CPM.

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    "I checked out your site... one word:  awesome.  It will become my source for college football websites."  --south carolina fan

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